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What Russian flight attendants publish in their instagrama

we found out that the flight attendants of Russian airlines publish in their instagrames at work and during the breaks between flights.

At the end of November in Moscow, the final of the first national beauty contest for female flight attendants took place. The competition was held at the initiative of the portal “ Krasny Krasziye” and the model agency Casta Models, and the winner wasAeroflot flight attendant Daria Kovshik.

Using this plausible excuse, looked into instagrams of the first beauties of domestic airlines.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Interest in flight attendants is easy to explain. In an airplane, a man is tormented by the fear of death. Stewardess – the archetype of the protector, the angel. But she is also a woman in uniform. Form is an order, submission. That is, the sadistic man immediately wants to order, the masochist to obey.[/perfectpullquote]

Boris Yegorov, President of the Center for Psychoanalytic Research

Daria Kovshik, Aeroflot

bela_dk_rus )

Anastasia Samoilova, “Russia”

nastyasamojlova )

Ekaterina Danilova, Aeroflot

danilovasky89 )

Anna, Transaero

annamilavita )

Kristina Ivanova, Ural Airlines

kristina_kapriznaya )

Julia, S7 Airlines

yulia_vinstagram )

Marina Golubova, Dobrolet

marisha_fly )

Anna Novoselova, S7 Airlines

novoselovaas )


Olesya Kulygina, Rusline

zagadkai )

Susana, Aeroflot

syusana )

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