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Google is preparing new smart glasses in the old design

In the database of the Federal Communications Commission, information appeared about the new model of smart glasses Google – the device appears under the designation Google Glasses 2nd Gen. Enterprise Edition and number A4R-GG2. Externally, the gadget, the first generation of which has never gained popularity, has remained almost the same. Changes, apparently, will affect his “stuffing”.

So far, the release date of the updated version of Google glasses can only be guessed. It is possible that Google Glass 2 will be announced in the first half of 2019. An improved camera, increased autonomy, support for LTE networks, more powerful Wi-Fi and so on are expected from the device.

Obviously, the price of Google glasses will not be low, but they will be oriented, as the name implies, towards the corporate sector (as well as the first generation).

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