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Buzova has become so popular that her cardboard figures from Pyaterochka are now being resold. And someone buys

On average, you can buy a cardboard piece for a half thousand rubles.

In October, Pyaterochka launched an advertising campaign for chips with cardboard figures of Olga Buzova. At the end of the month, users began to massively steal pieces from stores, and the network announced that they could be picked up for nothing. The figures have become so popular that they began to sell on the “Yule” and Avito.

As was told in Yulia, over the past two weeks, several dozens of ads for the sale of cardboard Buzovykh from Pyaterochka were created on the site. The figures are offered at prices ranging from a thousand rubles to 10 thousand rubles. The average price is 2.2 thousand rubles. Every day the number of “buzova’s cardboard” searches for “Yulia” is increasing by an average of 20%.

The growth of search queries related to Buzovoy on “Yule”

According to Yula, at least one Buzova figure was sold in Moscow and at least four in St. Petersburg . Average sales amounted to 1,400 rubles.

The most expensive figure on the “Yule” is sold in Sestroretsk and costs 10 thousand rubles, but the author of the ad indicated that bargaining is possible. The cheapest is a thousand rubles, you can buy it in Moscow. Judging by the photos, the figure is packed, complete with assembly instructions.

The figures of Buzova were in fifth place in terms of the popularity of things connected with it. In addition to the figures of an apple, “Yulia” buy tickets to Buzova concerts – 36% of all announcements. In the second and third places were things “like Buzova’s” – dresses (26%) and T-shirts (16%). The down jacket “like Buzova’s” is most expensive – its price is 6.7 thousand rubles, the autograph of the singer is sold for 5 thousand rubles. The sneakers “like Buzova’s” and the CD with her songs will cost 1050 and 1300 rubles respectively.

also managed to find at least nine ads from Moscow for the sale of cardboard Buzovykh on Avito. The minimum cost of the figures in them is 500rubles, the maximum – 3 thousand. One of the sellers offers to buy Buzov for 1200 rubles, an umbrella with a logo of chips as a gift is attached to it.

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