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Photo: Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg sing a Backstreet Boys song in karaoke.

Tell me why.

November 15 rapper Kanye West posted on Twitter a picture in which he and several people singing a song «I Want It That Way» popular in the last group Backstreet Boys. The artist did not specify where and when the photo was taken. Also, he did not name his karaoke partners, but one of the guys on the right was guided by the subscribers themselves.

“Is that Mark Zuckerberg?”

“What is this, Zuc?”

“Is it real Zuk?”

West did not answer the questions of Twitter users, but the Western media reportedwith confidence that this is indeed the head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Earlier, the rapper has already defended Ilona Mask and invited the head of Twitter Jack Dorsey on his birthday.

In 2016, West turned for help to Zuckerberg: he announced a big debt and asked the creator of Facebook to invest a billion dollars in his ideas. Then he tweeted: “Mark Zuckerberg, I know that today is your birthday, but can you call me before tomorrow, please? You love hip-hop, you love my art. I’m your favorite artist, but you look at me, barely breathing, and still you listen to my album at home. ” Later during one of the concerts, West announced that Zuckerberg had not called.

Twitter users had to respond to the unusual duet only with a line from the song they performed: “Tell me why.”

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