Kadyrov presented a Mercedes to a five-year-old Chechen who was wrung out 4 thousand times

The authorities said that the record did not accept the Russian Book of Records, but the organization claimed that there were no applications for it.

Photo @rahimkurievvazaev
Photo @rahimkurievvazaev

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, presented a white Mercedes to five-year-old Rakhim Kuriyev, who set a record, having pulled away 4,105 times in two and a half hours. This was reported by Tass.

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Ramzan Kadyrov
head of Chechnya

Kuriyev showed Kadyrov his abilities on the hood of a new car and assured him that he could do up to 5,000 push-ups.

On November 12, Rakhim Kuriev from the Chechen village of Duba-Yurt was wrung out 4,105 times without a break in 2 hours and 25 minutes and broke the world record. The Minister of the Republic of Physical Culture and Sport Musa Khanarikov recorded this result. He told TASS that representatives of the Russian Book of Records had “minor questions”, so they did not count the record. According to the minister, the boy will repeat the performance a week later in the presence of representatives of the organization.

Telegram channel Mash clarified that they did not accept the video record, because the boy was distracted by watching cartoons in his smartphone. He also pulled his hands off the floor, shifting the counting sticks, with which he counted the number of pushups.

Yulia Pronin, manager of the Russian Book of Records, in a conversation with the radio station “Moscow Says” reported that there were no applications for the record from the applicant or potential record holder.

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