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Architecture: Fake Prada Store in the American Desert

With a glass case and the real things of the brand inside.

In 2005, the Scandinavian duet Elmgreen & Dragset opened the Prada Marfa permanent art installation in the Chihuahua desert, 37 miles from the city of Marfa. It looks like a small Prada boutique, with shoes and bags of the brand inside, and gradually collapses without any repairs.

The brand had no relation to the creation of an art project, but designer Miuccia Prada appreciated the concept and allowed to use the name, and also donated a certain amount of clothing and accessories to create the installation.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]They were damn cute, although they understood that the basis was criticism.[/perfectpullquote]
Elmgreen & Dragset on Prada Participation

Elmgreen & Dragset initially wanted to open a boutique elsewhere — they especially liked the Prada Nevada combination — but they needed the support of the local authorities. Such support was provided by the authorities of the city of Martha.

Over 13 years of art object has attracted a lot of attention, came to him celebrity supporters antipotrebitelskogo cult and fans of contemporary art. The authors themselves admit that they partially implied criticism of consumption, but first of all they consider their creation as an object of art.

The “shop” tried to rob many times, plastered with political leaflets and painted graffiti on its walls – in such cases the artists had to carry out minimal repairs to return it to its original appearance. However, a serious repair of the building has never been done – it is assumed that sooner or later it will collapse and merge with the desert. The installation is overseen by local artist Boyd Elder.

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