How to install two WhatsApp on iPhone with two SIM-cards

I have in my hands an iPhone Xs Max for two full-fledged SIM cards straight from Hong Kong. Yes, I freaked out: I took not just the most expensive Apple smartphone, but I also paid extra on top for a feature that I myself had long thought was useless. It is necessary to squeeze the maximum out of the device!

I agree, today calls are secondary. Everyone communicates via instant messengers, and on a two-digit iPhone it would be cool to use two Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Viber accounts . Understood as much as possible.

Install two Telegrams on the iPhone – no problem at all


Of course, on a dual-purpose iPhone, the easiest way is to use two Telegram accounts linked to different phone numbers.

Even in the support of the messenger, they do not hide the fact that for this you can use two official applications from the App Store:

At the moment, you cannot link several accounts to any of them. However, this may be implemented in the near future – this is clearly hinted at by supporting the corresponding feature in the Telegram app for Android.

Advantages of the solution: this is the official opportunity to use two different Telegram accounts on one dual-purpose iPhone – this is useful for work and for personal purposes.

Cons of the solution: this solution simply does not have any significant disadvantages.

Two WhatsApps on the same iPhone are also more than possible.


Now with WhatsApp is not so simple as it was before.

Even a couple of years ago, the messenger was supported by third-party applications to which it was possible to tie up an additional account, but now they simply do not exist.

In order to use two WhatsApp accounts on one iPhone, an informal client of the service will be useful , which can be installed from an alternative application store TweakBox or any similar one.

After its installation, you will have to confirm the use through the Settings> Main> Profiles and Controls. device “:

I took the chance:

I do not know yet, in vain or not.

Please note: you use any iPhone software from unofficial sources at your own risk. In fact, you open access to your device to unknown developers, so that all your information is potentially stolen. Information about this is provided for informational purposes only, and we do not recommend even trying.

There are several options, but I settled on WhatsApp ++ – this is a copy of the official client, which they are trying to keep up to date. It is easily installed with the application from the App Store and even offers additional chips .

The only pity is that in any “++” software there is an advertisement, and to disable it you will have to pay.

Advantages of the solution: you have two WhatsApp clients with different phone numbers – do whatever you want with this opportunity.

Cons of the solution: it is not completely clear through which workaround servers your correspondence goes, and this advertisement …

Second Facebook Messenger can be launched via a hacked FaceBook


Unfortunately, I still have not been able to find a full-fledged additional Messenger for the second account.

I tried to install options from alternative iPhone software stores like TutuApp, but only the service client with the exact same identifier that the official app from the App Store is presented in.

Of course, several accounts can be linked to Messenger, but they do not work in parallel – they need to be switched in the settings, and this negates the meaning of the whole idea.

The crutch turned out to be the Facebook ++ application from TweakBox. In its settings, you can disable the automatic transition to a separate Messenger client and correspond via the web interface .

Yes, it is still not so convenient, but much better than using the web version of the service through a browser.

Advantages of the solution: it is more convenient than using the web version of the service for an additional account.

Solution minuses: the web interface looks poorly even in the application, there are no notifications.

But with Viber, I have serious problems …


I haven’t had positive feelings for Viber for a long time, and my attitude towards him finally deteriorated when he refused to work simultaneously on my two iPhones. I am silent about tons of advertising – yes, it was 2018 🙂

No less sad was the search history of an additional client for the second phone number. It is a pity, but the craftsmen I know just ignore this messenger.

Maybe you will tell something?

How more convenient to use two accounts in instant messengers


Without problems with two phone numbers today, you can only use Telegram, with WhatsApp you have to blink your head quite a bit, but Messenger and Viber are just past. Just mom!

Nevertheless, the exit, of course, is, and it is obvious – another iPhone . If you really need an active additional account for any instant messengers, take a look at iPhone SE and iPhone 7.

I myself am so insanely happy that I did not sell my iPhone 7 for a penny and left it in a pair with the iPhone Xs Max, even if it is even for two SIM cards.

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