45 aircraft use American airlines.

Problems with flight control sensors, which have arisen at the Boeing 737 Max that collapsed in Indonesia, may occur in about 250 aircraft of this series, reports Reuters with reference to the message of the US Federal Aviation Administration. 45 liners use American airlines.

According to the administration, problems arise with the sensor, which determines the angle at which the wing is relative to the flow. The sensor can show false data, which can cause difficulties in controlling the aircraft, excessive lowering of the nose of the aircraft, a sharp loss of height, and there is also the risk of a collision with the ground.

November 7, Bloomberg reported that Boeing will send to airlines that have a new 737 Max airliner, warning of possible errors in the flight control system, which could cause a sudden dive.

According to the source, the airline came to such conclusions after an investigation into the crash of a Lion Air plane in Indonesia, which occurred at the end of October. Boeing 737 crashed 13 minutes after departure from Jakarta, there were 189 people on board, no survivors were found.

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