He will be replaced by Galina Timchenko, who served as CEO.

Ivan Kolpakov. Photos from Facebook
Ivan Kolpakov. Photos from Facebook

The editor-in-chief of Medusa, Ivan Kolpakov, temporarily left his post due to allegations of inappropriate behavior. He will be replaced by the former editor-in-chief and the current director general of the publication, Galina Timchenko. She wrote about this on her Facebook page.

The editor-in-chief of Medusa, Ivan Kolpakov, was accused of inappropriate behavior. It happened at the weekend, the person who brought the accusations against Ivan, in the “Medusa” does not work.

The editors discussed these events, following the results, Ivan asked to temporarily relieve him of the duties of the chief editor until the board of directors, who should investigate the incident, sort out the situation and solve something.

For the time being, I will again serve as chief editor. With high probability you will find out anyway. So, you better learn this from us.

Galina Timchenko
Interim Editor-in-Chief of Medusa

In a conversation with the BBC, Timchenko explained that an unpleasant incident had occurred between the unnamed man and Kolpakov. The sources of the publication noted that this happened at a party after the conference, and the unnamed man was the wife of one of the employees . The editor-in-chief allegedly accompanied his actions with the words that he would have nothing for it, and called the incident “a bad joke”. In a conversation with the BBC Kolpakov did not answer the question whether the charges are related to harassment.

Kolpakov declined to comment and explained what he would say after the board of directors. Timchenko clarified that he is scheduled for the first decade of November.

Unfortunately, so far I have nothing to add to this. Comments to the board of directors from me will not.

Ivan Kolpakov

In the four years of its existence, Medusa, located in Riga, has never disclosed the names of its investors and the board of directors. It is known that Galina Timchenko is included there, but other participants are unknown. She left thepost of chief editor in January 2016 and moved to the post of CEO.

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In the spring of 2018, several Russian journalists accused Leonid Slutsky, head of the State Duma Committee on International Politics, of harassment. Despite the fact that they provided evidence and evidence from witnesses, the official retained the position. They were supported by the largest Russian mass media, including Medusa.