IFixit experts continue to explore new Apple. Now a new MacBook Air 2018 has come into their hands.

That’s what’s changed in the laptop.

New keyboard

Yes, this laptop has the latest version of the butterfly keyboard. With the same silicone membranes under the keys as in the latest MacBook Pro.

T2 chip and USB-C ports

Having examined the body of the MacBook Air, the experts found some changes. First, the T2 chip from the new MacBook Pro and iMac, as well as the Thunderbolt 3 controller from Intel, 128 GB of SanDisk flash memory and 8 GB of LPDDR3 RAM from SK Hynix.

iFixit discovered that the two ports of Thunderbolt 3 in the new “Eire” are modular , for which the experts literally applaud Apple. Ports are easy to replace.

Modular battery and speakers

The service confirmed that replacing the battery in MacBook Air 2018 is very simple. Around it is installed 10 adhesive strips connecting it with the body of the laptop.

Battery capacity was 49.9 Wh.

The same adhesive strips are also connected to the case of the speaker.

To extract these parts, Apple will provide special tools to service centers soon.

Touch ID is easily replaced

The last thing that was confirmed in iFixit is the Touch ID modularity . You do not need to replace the entire motherboard to make it work with a fingerprint scanner.

After its installation, calibration is performed through a special Apple device.

But still. It is difficult to repair

Despite the fact that the MacBook Air has received new modular parts, it is still very difficult to repair. iFixit rated laptop maintainability by 3 points out of 10 .

This is due to the use of special screwdrivers for the repair, the removal of a large number of parts to replace some small components.

And also complicates the entire repair of operational and built-in memory, which are soldered to the motherboard. iFixit ]

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