Apple has published documents that talk about the quality of the recycled MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Made from 100 percent recyclable materials.

Not only aluminum is used in eco-friendly cases for the new MacBook Air and Mac mini. For example, the bottom cover and walls in the new Mac mini are made from 60% recycled plastic, while its fan contains 27% biomass-based plastic made from renewable sources.

The fan and speakers in the new MacBook Air contain 35% and 45% recycled plastic, respectively. “Butterfly” in the new keyboard, “Eira” also contains 34 percent bio-plastic, and the soldering on the motherboard – from 100% recycled tin.

Apple claims that the new Mac mini produces 45% less emissions compared to the previous generation model. While the new MacBook Air generates 47% less emissions than previous models.

The company also claims that the new MacBook Air packaging uses 87% less plastic than the packaging of the previous generation. Apple’s ultimate goal is to use only recycled or renewable materials in its products. Apple ]

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