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White men “called” the main terrorist threat to the US

Don Lemon

CNN’s host Don Lemon said that white men are the main terrorist threat in the United States. On this drew the attention of the publication The Independent.

The journalist said this live, covering the shooting incident in Kentucky, where two blacks were the victims of white men. “We continue to think that the most terrible threat is that there are some people coming to our border,” he said, referring to a caravan of several thousand migrants heading towards the US.

“We need to understand that the biggest terrorist danger in this country is white men, mostly right-wing radicals, and we need to start doing something with them,” Lemon said. He added that they are not forbidden to enter American territory, “as you know, there was a ban on entry for Muslims.”

His words caused outrage among conservatives. In particular, the son of US President Donald Trump Jr. responded to the statement. “I thought it was a comic quote, taken out of context, but no … It’s just Don Lemon is such a jerk.Unfortunately, many leftists think so. Disgusting! “

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