“Yandex.Services” earned for all users. There you can find builders, tutors or hairdressers.

Since September, the service for searching artists has worked only for individuals or companies.

Yandex has launched a service for searching services and executors of Yandex.Services for all users. In the service you can find hairdressers, builders, tutors and other professionals, as well as offer your own services. About this reported in the company.

Yandex.Services was launched in September 2018, but only for companies and private clients. Since November 1, the service has earned for everyone: to search for a specialist, you need to go to the section with specific services, where to contact a computer master or a lawyer by phone or in a chat. As in the case of ordering a taxi, after you can put a rating and leave a review.

Since September, Yandex.Services has a summary of many specialists in 300 categories.  managed to find a web designer for 5 thousand rubles for the service, a nanny for 3,5 thousand rubles a day and a bodybuilding trainer for 2 thousand rubles per hour. The company does not charge a commission for the placement of services or for the contacts of specialists.

Example ads on “Yandex.Services”

“Yandex” said that it checks the accounts of the performers by studying the questionnaires manually and confirming the phone numbers. Profiles of the best performers will also be shown on the Yandex search engine, taking into account ratings and reviews. This is provided by the technology of “ search warlockers ” – the answer to the user’s query appears directly on the page with the search results.

In 2014, Yandex earned a service to search for home craftsmen, such as cleaners or repairmen. In 2015, the company closed the project due to the fact that it did not receive mass popularity.

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