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Public: American auction leaders reading under bit

They speak so fast and rhythmically that they can be confused with Eminem’s Rap God.

In the “rural” states of the United States, livestock auctions are common. And the presenters on them are known for their unusual technique of speech when selling: they speak very quickly, rhythmically and as if in chant. Jokes that such auctioneers could build rap careers turned into a public of Auctioneer Beats , where they put bits on rollers with presenters.

27 US states require an auctioneer’s license, so they attend special schools, including the technique of rapid speech. According to the publication Slate, the tradition of an unusual technique of sale appeared after the Civil War, when the military were rid of seized property. Since then, public auctions have become part of American culture.

Auctioneers claim that the recitative has a psychological effect on buyers – this is how they feel the dynamics and trades and also try to get something. Also, the leading compete with each other: the top 30 auctioneers each year compete for the world title. Speed ​​in such tournaments comes out on top.

In 2014, audioproducer David Camp, who collaborates with The New York Times, Disney and Google, has combined cattle sales videos with rap beats. He posted videos on the Cattlerap channel for a while, but then he left it.

Two years later, Camp was continued by the Weiners with the Auctioneer Beats project. With the “death” of the Vine platform, they disappeared for a while, but on October 25 they returned to Twitter.

PS Timeless classics.

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