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Person in Instagram: Mayor of Yakutsk

In runet watching how she checks the work of cafes and janitors.

On November 1, Twitter drew attention to the instagram Sardana Avksentieva, the first woman to become mayor of Yakutsk. Watching her activities and “Peekaboo.”

In the 2018 election, Avksentiev, nominated by the Russian Revival Party, defeated a rival from United Russia by a margin of almost 10 thousand votes. In the pre-election program, she promised to work on saving the city budget, including reducing the cost of maintaining the head of Yakutsk, canceling overseas trips, magnificent receptions and corporate holidays, and selling expensive SUVs of the city hall.

conducted a brief revision of Avksenteva’s instagram , taking an interest in the daily routine of the head of Yakutsk.

“Strong wind – to change !!! Thousands of Yakuts are hoping that he will carry with him the pain, pain and disappointment. And give the warmth of meetings and hugs, understanding and confidence in the future, openness and simplicity. After all, our life is much simpler than we often try to imagine. And there is nothing more expensive than when parents are alive, children are healthy, love and wait at home, new horizons are taken at work, and your hometown is developing. ”
“Yesterday, in the Historical Museum of the Gate Tower of the Yakut Prison, with the support of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, held a volunteer cleanup. Now, work is underway there to restore the third floor, which will house an exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the last pre-revolutionary Yakut head, Savva Andreyevich Yushmanov. Together, they laid down an excellent tradition for the preservation of architectural and architectural monuments. I express my gratitude to Alexander Dyakonov, the superintendent of the tower, as well as to everyone who was not indifferent and participated in this wonderful spiritual event. ”
“Every day, the” surprise “. Look at this design. According to the head of Markha Ivanov, MM, these are repaired drainage trays on Zavodskaya Street. The municipal contract was signed with Alfagrupp LLC on February 28, 2018, and already on April 23 a certificate of completion was signed (without comments). In this regard, I have a question on the execution of another contract: were the roads graded with the addition of sand and gravel on the Markha streets in Lesnaya, Olenekskaya, Suntarskaya, Ogorodnikov, Kostyushko-Volyuzhanych, Yaroslavsky, Embankment? ”
“Understood the situation of laying asphalt in the snow on Dzerzhinsky Street. Checked – shaped disgrace. The municipal contract for the repair of the sidewalk was signed on July 16, the deadline for the execution of all works was determined before August 20. The contractor is Arc-Stroy Ltd., the general director is Maria Ivanova Ivanova. I gave instructions to terminate the municipal contract, not to sign acts of acceptance of the work performed, not to pay for this careless work from the municipal budget. I also found out that the same contractor won two more tenders: for the repair of an apartment building and Victory Square. She instructed the first deputy Vladimir Fedorov to check the progress of work on these objects, and also to conduct an internal investigation as to why the specialists of MKU EAST, which is the customer of the works, do not control the quality of work. According to the documents I see that the claim work is underway, but it is already mid-October. So it should not be. If the contractor treats his duties unfairly, it is necessary to include him in the appropriate register and never allow him to enter such competitions. ”
“Last weekend, the citizens again experienced inconveniences due to the activation of technological protection and the shutdown of GTU-4 at Yakutsk State District Power Plant-2. I am very worried about any failures in the work of life support facilities in the city, and on the eve of winter, especially the energy complex. Now, when we have already supplied heat to the houses of Yakuts, it is important for us to minimize any emergencies. Therefore, today I met with the General Director of Yakutskenergo PJSC, People’s Deputy of Yakutia, Alexander Sloik. I asked him, as a professional in his field, to point out to me the weak spots in the energy sector of the capital of the republic, to advise which neighborhoods are most vulnerable in our country. Alexander Stepanovich assured us that there are no serious reasons for concern in the energy sector of the city. At the moment, the enterprises of the energy complex are forming a reserve of capacities which will allow you to quickly solve problems in case of emergency situations. Although there are still technological failures at the station itself, all of them are not critical, and there are enough reserve resources for providing the city with both heat and light. In the near future, we will conduct an audit of forces and equipment, as well as the readiness of operational services in the event of an emergency. I sincerely hope that we will survive the coming winter without serious accidents. ”
“The quality of road, pavement and courtyard cleaning is particularly relevant these days. Very slippery. Itself today slid along the avenue while going to work. It is completely obvious that Yakutdorstroy cannot fully cope with all the obligations it has undertaken. We need to revise the regulations for cleaning streets and sidewalks. In addition, the tile laid on all sidewalks is very slippery. It is clear that overnight we will not be able to change it, but it is also unacceptable to sit back. First, you need to move away from the practice of one service organization. Secondly, strict control over the frequency and quality of cleaning is necessary. Thirdly, you need to look for new, modern methods of cleaning ice and snow. In the week we will form a new composition of the scientific and technical council of the city, I hope that scientists will help us. The final decision will take on November 1, when the councils hand over the cleaning cards. For every piece of the yard, sidewalk, road – someone should answer
“Today, a traditional sports festival has been held in Yakutsk, which unites runners all over Russia – the Cross of Nations. Although I am not the most athletic person, I considered it important to take part and prove by my personal example that I support a healthy lifestyle policy. Our task is to make every effort to involve as many people as possible in mass sports. ”
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