In the Ukrainian Vogue found at least 10 cases of plagiarism from Russian publications. Chief Editor suspended from work

She explained the partial theft of texts by working with a freelancer.

Olga Sushko. Photos from Instagram

Olga Sushko, editor-in-chief of Vogue Ukraine, was suspended from accusations of plagiarism, Condé Nast International and Media Group Ukraine LLC said in a joint statement. She was accused of plagiarism, first in the introductory “word of the editor,” and then in other materials issued before her work at Vogue, writesthe “Letters” edition.

Attention to plagiarism drew Telegram-channel “Kiyev Fashion Lavaz.” On October 28, the authors noticed that Sushko borrowed excerpts from articles by the chief editor of the Russian edition of Harper’s Bazaar, Shahri Amirkhanova, which were written 12 years ago.

The text of the letters is almost the same, with the exception of some phrases. For example, in the first sentence of the text of Sushko, the phrase “the happiest girl in the world” from the text of Amirkhanova is replaced by “very happy girl”.

Letter from Shahri Amirkhanova A letter to Olga Sushko. Photo of the telegram channel “Kiyev Fashion Lavaz”

On October 29, Sushko apologized to the readers, the editors and Amirkhanova, and stated that she had commissioned to write the “word of the editor” to a freelance writer whom she had known for many years and trusted.

Justify now stupidly, but I want to explain. Those who know me and how I work understand that I write quite a lot of materials. The word of the editor because of the huge amount of current work and because I can simply “hang on” him for several days because of great responsibility and stress, I sometimes assigned to write to a freelance author, with whom I discussed the context and considered the author reliable, because I know he was trusted for many years.

Olga Sushko
chief editor of Vogue Ukraine

The telegram channel used the hashtag # sookogate . After that, other users began to search for materials from Sushko, copied from other people’s texts, and tagged them with this tag.

On October 31, one of the readers of the channel discovered that the text in the November Vogue was taken from a post in LiveJournal signed by Shahri Amirkhanova. In a conversation with the Ukrainian artist Yaroslav Solop, Amirkhanova stated that this is not her text: someone simply signed her name. Later, Solop deleted publications on Vogue, explaining that “with numerous requests and wishes in a personal way to live with even legs.”

On the same day, Facebook user Karina Kolomiets discovered other materials of Sushko with plagiarism. She managed to find the copied texts of Marina Prokhorova and the journalist Gennady Iozefavichus.

Photo of Karina Kolomiets
Photo of Karina Kolomiets

Kolomiets also found similarities between the text of the Snoba journalist Valery Panyushkin and the February 2017 Sushko letter, as well as similarities with another Kommersant material.

Journalist Alyona Melnik also wrote that Sushko used other people’s texts while still working in the Kommersant publication.

Telegram channel “Kiev Fashion Lovese” has published some more evidence of Sushko’s plagiarism. She hasn’t given any new comments yet.


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