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A resident of the Omsk region gave birth in a supermarket, but the neighboring ticket office did not interrupt work

The birth was successful, and the store promised to give presents to the family.

A resident of the city of Nazyvaevsk, Omsk region, gave birth to a cash register at a local supermarket. This was reported by the publication and confirmed by the representative of the local Ministry of Health. The birth took place on October 11, but the journalists found out about it only now.

At the checkout, a 28-year-old woman, during a checkout at a checkout, suddenly grabbed her stomach because of the ensuing contractions. The cashier and two friends of a pregnant woman who came with her to the store received deliveries on the floor. “She didn’t even ask for help, said quietly that she was giving birth, and that’s all. I called an ambulance, ”said Anna Tsybulskaya, manager of the Nizkotsen shop. Doctors arrived in about 10 minutes.

According to the administration of the supermarket, the staff tried to drive the customers out of the store for a while, but they themselves were “shocked.” Nevertheless, customers “calmly” reacted to what is happening. As can be seen on the recordings of surveillance cameras, the second ticket office continued to work, despite the birth a few meters away. From the video also follows that during the delivery the third cash desk was opened in the store.

The woman was born a healthy boy weighing 3.6 kilograms, he was named Ivan. The store management promised to bring a gift to the family – goods for the newborn. According to the Ministry of Health on October 31, a woman with a child, who is her fifth, was discharged from the hospital home. Her health workers are watching her.

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