Wow Apple Introduces Frameless iPad Pro

I refused the iPad, and it turned out to be a mistake. Now I really do not have an Apple tablet at home, on trips, or at work. Today, the company has finally introduced a new top device in this category, and I already want it .

In this article, we will answer key questions about the frameless iPad Pro, which appeared after numerous rumors and plums over the past year. Now we know exactly what this device turned out to be.

Now iPad Pro has a new angular design?

Yes it is!

“The changes affected everything except the name” – the slogan of the new iPad Pro

Apple has always wanted to create a truly universal device that could change depending on the task set before you at the moment. It seems to me that in the new iPad Pro the engineers managed to do it 100%.

As a result, this is the most interesting update of Apple tablets for all time of their existence – it looks so accurate. Now the company’s tablets are more like not its mobile devices, but modern professional laptops.

On the one hand, the device resembles the very first iPad. On the other hand, when you look at it, in your head why the legendary iPhone 4 immediately appears.

The new iPad Pro has become even thinner. Instead of 6.9 mm, their thickness is only 5.9 mm – a record figure for devices of this class. They weigh from 700 grams and work without recharging for about 10 hours with an average load.

The new iPad Pro has really become frameless?


Of course!

Like the iPhone X and other tenth series smartphones, as well as the Apple Watch Series 4 , the new iPad Pro has a symmetrical frameless screen. No, he certainly has frames, but they are intended to hold the device in hand.

Now Apple professional tablets are available in two versions: 11 and 12.9 inches. The latter repeats the size of a traditional American notebook, but for us it is not so important. Tablets have become smaller, and their usable area is larger – this is cool.

Of course, there was no space for the Home button on the front panel of the iPad Pro, which is great. New professional Apple tablets will be able to manage the gesture system that many of us have already managed to love on the iPhone X series. And this, along with a special advanced version of iOS 12 for large screens!

Is the OLED screen or is it Liquid Retina?


OLED remains the prerogative of the iPhone Xs .

“The elegant shape with rounded corners, stunning color reproduction, natural colors – all this is a Liquid Retina display” – says Apple iPad on iPad Pro screens

Instead, the technology of organic LEDs are the new iPad Pro Liquid Retina screen with True Tone technology, which Apple has managed to show us with the iPhone the X the R . In fact, this is a new look at IPS – it was with the help of it that the company managed to make rounded corners in the tablet.

Most users agree that Liquid Retina is practically no different from OLED in colors except black. It uses a special anti-aliasing technology, due to which individual pixels on the screen are not visible even on close inspection – especially in rounded corners.

Screen resolution:

  • 11-inch – 2388×1669 pixels
  • 12.9-inch – 2732×2048 pixels

It will still need to be tested, but Apple also says that it has worked on the highlights, and they should not be visible even in the brightest sun. To be honest, the company constantly promises a revolution in this direction, but we see nothing globally new.

Oh yeah, the screen of the new iPad Pro works with ProMotion technology, which can accelerate its refresh rate to 120 Hz .

Has the device received a top A12X processor?

This is a full-fledged Adobe Photoshop, which is released for the iPad in 2019


This is the most productive mobile chip on the market. Now it’s 100% clear why Apple hasn’t introduced the iPad Pro along with the iPhone Xs. Then the company could not say that the smartest processors are in their smartphones – no, the tablets are faster.

A12X is created on 7 nm technical process , so it not only works like a beast, but also consumes the minimum amount of energy.

The processors A12X uses 4 productive cores for complex tasks and 4 effective cores for everyday work. In general, it is 35% faster than its predecessor, and multi-core benchmarks can show performance gains up to 90%.

By the way, the maximum amount of internal memory has reached 1 TB.

Does Face ID work in any screen orientation?



“You can hold the device both horizontally and vertically — Face ID on the iPad Pro will easily recognize you” – this is confirmed on the Apple website

We most often use smartphones in a vertical orientation, so Face ID only works in this position.

But the iPad is a completely different situation, it is used both horizontally and vertically, so the face scanner simply cannot work differently.

When I switched to the iPhone Xs Max, I finally realized the beauty of Face ID – this is the most convenient authentication tool on the market today. Coupled with security, it makes it possible to use absolutely any services without passwords and other problems.

Is the usual Lightning replaced USB-C?


Today it’s not completely clear how to react to this, but it has happened – Apple finally transferred the iPad Pro to the computer category, depriving it of the traditionally Lightning mobile interface. She stressed that the performance device needs the fastest port on the market , and that is USB-C.

Does the iPhone Xs Max really lack productivity to equip it with USB-C? While this question remains unanswered.

Get to know the new iPad Pro:

Are there any other interesting innovations?


First , the new Apple Pencil is now available for the new iPad Pro.

To create a pair between the stylus and the tablet, the first one needs to be magnetised to the last. In the same way, it is now charged by wireless technology. Now it is more convenient to keep it, and in general it looks more complete in terms of design.


Secondly , the Smart Keyboard Folio is now available for it.

Now it is magnetized to the back of the device and more reliably held on it. But the rest is just a logical continuation of its first version.

How much is an iPad Pro with a frameless screen?


  • 11-inch iPad Pro from 65,990 rub.
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro from 81,990 rubles.

Start of sales on November 7th . The base 11-inch iPad Pro is fine for me, and you?

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