What to do if you forgot your phone in a taxi: a real case

The head of the press service of RBC Yegor Timofeev shared his story about the loss of a smartphone in Yandex.Taxi.

Returning home at midnight, I realized that I was at home, but there was no mobile. Guessing one – left in a taxi. Climbed on the site Yandex. Taxi, looking how to be. In the section about the left things, all methods of communication are listed, but there is not a word about cases when you leave your mobile and you just can’t go into the history of trips.

After talking with a technical support employee, Timofeev was able to find out the number of the taxi driver and get in touch with him. After 20 minutes of negotiations, the smartphone was found at that driver.

True, a taxi driver working 12-16 hours a day didn’t really want to be undermined, to refuse an order and rush to Yegor on the first click. And it was far from the nearest destination .

Please give me a lift – refuses, offers to go to Ilyich Square. I promise to give money – he says he will call you back. He calls back in 10 minutes and again offers to go to Ilyich Square (there is a mobile reception point for the population, is it? Incomprehensible), again I persuade to come to me, literally shaking it in the tube with money. It seems ready to go, but behaves suspiciously.

To which Egor decided to verify with Yandex.Taxi technical support that everything would be fine with his gadget. He demanded any guarantees that the device would be returned to him.

The main support answers from the words of Yegor Timofeev:

• we can talk to him, but if he does not give you the phone or extort money, you can offer him to go to the police station immediately and resolve the conflict (the idea is very cool: sir, would you like to drive with me at two in the morning , since you, scoundrel, you don’t give me the phone! and yes, throw me to the branch on your car, otherwise I’m worried that you may not accidentally turn there)

• I can not guarantee you that we will contact the taxi driver, we will try to do what we can. but I can not communicate. maybe my colleague, I need to send him a request. when will he do it? I have no such information.

They promised to call back as soon as they understand what to do in such a situation. As a result, the taxi driver still came to Timofeev, brought and gave him a smartphone.

What to do if you left your smartphone in a taxi


1 . First you need to remember the number of the taxi driver’s car, if this is not a car of some kind of service. It is useful to you when you go to write a statement to the police.

2 . This moment concerns the users of taxi services or aggregators, such as Yandex.Taxi, Uber or Gett. You need to contact technical support as soon as possible .

This can be done at the following numbers:

Yandex.Taxi +7 (499) 705-8888 
Uber +1 (800) 353-8237 
Gett +7 (499) 999-08-39

Or through the application with which you ordered a taxi. Describe the whole situation.

Ask the experts for the phone number of the taxi driver . As a rule, companies give such information to customers, as evidenced by the above case.

3 . If the taxi driver refuses to return the vehicle, or denies its presence – contact the police .

4 . If you are sure that the gadget stayed in the taxi, and you do not want to return it – make an additional message in the technical support service.

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