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VKontakte added threads in the comments

If the comment that started the thread is deleted, the whole conversation will not disappear.

Photo “Team VKontakte”

A new feature has appeared in VKontakte – comment threads. This reported in the press service of the company.

All responses in the thread will be sorted from old to new. If the comment from which a separate thread started is deleted, only it disappears – the further conversation will continue.

In addition, users will receive notifications of new comments in the thread to which they have joined. The new interface will appear in the web version and the mobile version of the social network, as well as in the next update of the application for iOS and Android.

On Facebook, threads appeared in 2013. Prior to this, comments in the social networks were posted one by one, without the possibility of interaction between the commentators.

In VKontakte, before the introduction of threads, it was possible to respond to a comment under the publication, noting another user.

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