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The US special prosecutor for the Russian case said the FBI about the impending attempt to discredit him with harassment charges

One of his friends said that she was offered money for the charges.

US special prosecutor Robert Muller, who is investigating Russian interference in American elections, appealed to the FBI because of possible attempts to discredit him with allegations of sexual harassment. About this edition of The Atlantic reported a special representative of the apparatus of Muller Peter Carr.

The Muller apparatus explained that he had received information about possible accusations from journalists, but did not specify the publications in which they work. Journalists learned about the scheme from a woman named Lorraine Parsons, who was approached by a supporter of the Republican Party, radio host Jack Berkman. Another woman, Jennifer Taub, contacted Muller’s office in October with similar information.

Parsons said that Berkman contacted her by phone, and then offered to go to the Signal application, where you can conduct private correspondence. He offered her to pay off all the debts on loans and another 20 thousand dollars for Mueller’s charges of harassment in the workplace during their joint work at a law firm in the mid-1970s.

According to Parsons, she did work with Muller, but she rarely saw him. At the same time, when she came across him, he “was always polite with her and did not behave incorrectly”.

According to The Atlantic, Berkman published a video with the statement that Muller “has been harassing women all his life.” According to the publication, Berkman denied acquaintance with Parsons and said that “Muller wants to divert attention from his harassment by attacking him.”

“The accusations that I paid to women is not true. The leftists are trying to protect Muller because of the harassment, and therefore in desperation they attack me. The influential media knows that Muller’s [career] may collapse because of this, so they want to divert attention.

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