The Russian director stole top iPhone Xs Max. What to do

The famous Russian director Valeria Guy Germanika stole the iPhone Xs Max by 512 GB. She has already written a statement to the police.

How did that happen

It happened on Friday night at the screening of the film The Alien at the October Cinema in Moscow. The director left her smartphone in a cup holder and went literally for one minute. When she returned, the iPhone was no longer there.

It is curious that in the hall there were only directors and actors. Valeria suspects that the gadget could have been stolen by her colleagues “from envy of her incredible success and the rich guy.”

It is noted that the smartphone was purchased in America on the first day of sales. The cost of the device was $ 1,449 (~ 96 thousand rubles). The damage itself is estimated at 220 thousand rubles.

What to do in such a situation


The situation is not easy, but there is a way to return the stolen iPhone .

1 . First you need to try to block the iPhone through the Find iPhone application . This will save your smartphone from trying to find a password and get personal data (photos, videos, credit cards, and so on).

2 . Specify the number to be displayed on the lock screen. So you can be contacted, in which case.

3 . Then it is necessary to report the theft to the police as soon as possible . It is important to write that the device was stolen from you, and not yourself left it somewhere.

4 . Also in the application, be sure to include the IMEI-number of your smartphone. It can be found on the box from the iPhone, or through the site Apple ID in the list of devices.

In addition, when drafting an application, state that this is significant for you. So there is a chance that the police will begin to actively engage in your business.

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