The new MacBook Air has a mobile processor. Almost like a MacBook 12 ”

The updated MacBook Air is interesting not only the appearance of the Retina-display and the appearance of USB Type-C ports, but also the type of installed processors.

A few hours ago, an extended specification of processors based on which new models were built appeared in the Intel chip database.

Well, MacBook Pro users can exhale. The new MacBook Air is clearly no more powerful than the 2016/2017 prosh.

And all because of such characteristics as TDP, indicating the thermal power of a particular chip. In the new MacBook Air, the TDP value is 7 watts. In the Air of the previous generation, this value is 15 W, but in the 12-inch MacBook with a passive cooling system – only 5 watts.

Both processors with similar TDP values ​​are positioned as mobile. In theory, they do not require active cooling, but Apple was reinsured and equipped the novelty with coolers.

This means only one thing. Installed in the new MacBook Air processors Core i5-8210Y Amber Lake and can not be close in power and performance compared to the MacBook Pro. Power reserve at the “proshki” much higher.

For comparison, in MacBook Pro 2016 – 2018 release processors are installed with TDP in the range from 23 to 28 watts.

Summing up, we conclude: the new MacBook Air is significantly more powerful than the 12-inch MacBook (thanks to the active cooling system), but significantly inferior even to the modest MacBook Pro. MacRumors ]

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