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The Bethesda launcher accidentally deletes the downloaded 50 GB games Fallout 76

Developers from Bethesda not so long ago made an open letter, which warned users about possible bugs hiding in Fallout 76, which will be released in two weeks. The beta test of the game for PS4 and PC owners has recently started. And the last major bad luck .

The fact is that servers for the beta test are available only to those who pre-order the game. They work only a few hours a day. But even if a player from the PC downloaded 50 GB of the installation file, it’s far from the fact that he can play during this short window: the launcher may accidentally delete all the downloaded data.

This happens when you press any button after downloading the game. After that, the launcher begins to re-download 50 GB. Because of this, people with not the fastest Internet are sad.

Bethesda has not yet found a solution to the problem. But in order to avoid deleting files, it is recommended not to click anywhere before fixing it.

A similar issue was reported by some Xbox One owners. While players with PS4 complain about problems with authorization.

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