Some iPhones show helium “allergy”

Gas helium can cause laughter, but not all. This conclusion was reached by engineers from iFixit after a case in one of the hospitals. During installation in the medical facility of the magnetic resonance therapy apparatus, a helium leak occurred, which is used to cool the system. The gas got into the ventilation system of the hospital, spreading through the premises.

It was about 120 liters of helium, which “floated” on the vent room for 5 hours. On the leak told one of the users of Reddit. He suggested that the nurses spoke in funny voices that day.

It turned out that Apple smartphones and smart watches cannot withstand this gas, refusing to work. The functioning of some other devices is also disturbed, but helium does not harm Android devices. Do not suffer and the old model iPhone.

In iFixit, having studied the problem, they came to the conclusion that the problem is in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), which replaced quartz ones. They “freeze” under the influence of a certain concentration of helium. Experiments conducted in the laboratory showed that Apple electronic devices can fail completely or partially. After some time, they usually restored performance.

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