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Russia for six years is not included in the top 20 ranking Doing Business, although Putin asked for it

The presidential order was fulfilled only on three points.

Russia has risen in the ranking of Doing Business-2019 (drawn up by the World Bank) on the 31 th place in terms of ease of doing business among 190 countries, write“Vedomosti”. The May decrees of Vladimir Putin in 2012 indicated that by 2018 Russia should be in 20th place, RBC noted .

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Vedomosti that “in any case, the dynamics are long” and “the work will continue.”

Russia fulfilled Putin’s orders only for three positions in the rating: connection to power grids, registration of enterprises and property (12th place), as well as ensuring the execution of contracts (18th place).

As Vedomosti noted, the biggest progress of Russia in the “traditionally weak position” is access to construction, which assesses the quality and speed of obtaining a building permit. Russia rose to 48th place, breaking the 64 positions. At the same time, Russia ranks 99th in international trade, in 2017 it was in 100th place. Doing Business rating is measured in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the regions are not counted.

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