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Media: the head of Google X left the company after accusations of sexual harassment to the candidate for the position

Of the heroes of the New York Times investigation of harassment on Google, he was the only one remaining at his post.

Richard DeVaul. Photo Alphabet

The head of the “experimental” laboratory of Google X, Richard DeVaul, left the company, according to the publication Axios. The resignation occurred a week after the release of theHarassment in Google: what the “top” of the company was blamed for and how it responded – tezisno The New York Times on Google’s harassment – DeVaul was one of the heroes of the material.

The article stated that in 2013, DeVaul was pestering the candidate for the position of engineer Star Simpson. At the interview, he told the girl about the “open” relationship with his wife, and then invited her to the Burning Man festival. In the camp, DeVaul suggested that the girl get undressed and get a massage. Simpson refused, and a few weeks later she was refused work without giving reasons.

The engineer said that in 2015 she reported on harassment on Google: they asked her not to cover the situation and assured that measures had already been taken. After the release of the investigation, DeVaul apologized for the “mistake in judgment” and stated that Simpson decided not to take up the post before being invited to Burning Man.

The New York Times article told about three top managers who were working for employees – DeWaul, senior vice president of the company Amite Singhale and Android creator Andy Rubin. The last two after internal investigations left the company themselves with a “golden parachute” of millions of dollars. According to Axios, DeVaul did not receive severance pay.

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