Live Broadcast: Presentation of the iPad with Face ID

Watch and comment on the special Apple event in October.

Tim Cook's photo
Tim Cook’s photo

October 30, Apple holds three times an unusual event. First, the October events are quite rare: they usually show updates to the line of tablets, which in recent years occur infrequently. Secondly, this presentation will take place not at the company’s traditional campuses or exhibition halls in California, but at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. Thirdly, journalists were invited to the event, for the first time having  invitations with non-repeating individual design.

The presentation will begin at 17:00 Moscow time.monitors what is happening on the air.

Sorry, I’m forced to return to fix: Apple killed a 3.5mm jack in a “professional” iPad Pro – and didn’t say anything about it at the presentation.

By tradition, I will summarize. I am pleased:

– iPad Pro is really updated. It is very similar to the Galaxy Tab S4 with its tiny frames, and I, frankly, suspect that holding it in one hand can be a bit problematic, as you have to touch the display with your fingers. But surely there will be protection against accidental clicks;

– Very cool updated accessories for iPad Pro. The new stylus is just sex, the artists will be pleased. I am most impressed with the external keyboard with two positions – I only use the iPad Pro with it, it is extremely convenient for typing and as a stand. However, for the new iPad it will cost as much as 14,990 rubles (for the 11-inch version), and the new stylus will cost 10,790 rubles. So it turns out that for a full upgrade you will need to lay out not 65,990 rubles, but 91,770 rubles;

– Face ID on the iPad is a logical thing, there is no doubt at all. But we will look at how convenient it will be to unlock in horizontal mode: the Tab S4 had some problems with this, especially since with some grabs there is a risk of closing the sensors with a hand;

– USB-C, dudes! They abandoned the Lightning standard in their mobile device! The ice has broken! And most importantly, how hypocritical it all was served: suddenly it turned out that USB-C allows you to connect a bunch of external devices, and at the same time – and why did you have to buy everyone’s adapters for so many years, you bastards? We are waiting in 2019 on iPhones, in short;

– MacBook Air is good: much thinner and smaller, Retina, new keyboard and trackpad. True, it is strange to announce Touch ID in one device and at the same time abandon it in another – it seems that the desktop world does not keep up with the mobile even within the framework of one Apple. Well, the price bites: the past generation can still be bought from the Apple site from 77 thousand rubles (25% cheaper), despite the fact that it will be almost the same MacBook Air;

– Mac mini for some reason got out of the dead, and I do not understand why. I really have not seen a single person who buys a Mac mini – if you even buy a desktop computer, then let it be a mono-block iMac;

– They didn’t show and didn’t say anything about new AirPods – it’s a shame, they forgot. We don’t even remember AirPower, but at least Apple didn’t do wireless charging in the iPad Pro – such a monster will have to be recharged for a very long time without wires, and even the 18-watt charging in the kit will not be enough;

– With such support of the hall, Angela Arendts can easily target Apple CEOs, mayors of New York or even presidents.

That’s all. Thank you for being with us today and see you soon.

It’s a strange thing: Apple says that pre-order (including in Russia) starts today, but the MacBook Air selection buttons on the site are inactive – while pre-order is not available.

Lane Del Rey is applauded in much the same way as the news that the MacBook Air will be made from recycled aluminum.

In general, that’s all. Lana Del Rey finished her songs, Tim Cook invited journalists to the demo zone, and that was it.

Prices for MacBook Air in Russia

Find out how much a top MacBook Air will cost, for some reason it’s impossible – obviously, a model with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD is not a top, but even it costs 120,990 rubles.

Actually, why the singer was separately asked not to swear.

Lana Del Rey jokes: “Cook asked not to swear, so I can not tell you the name of our new song.”

So, now we have a live broadcast of the concert Lana Del Rey.

IPad Pro prices in Russia

From 65 990 rubles – for the 11-inch version (from 77 990 for the version with LTE).

From 81,990 rubles – for the 12.9-inch version (from 93,990 rubles with LTE).

Models – 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB.

In Russia, however, will not appear along with the rest of the world, where sales will begin on November 7.

“Just an ordinary iPad user in a perfectly normal situation for ordinary people.”

Cook lists what was announced today: MacBook Air, Mac mini, Today at Apple and iPad Pro.

Meanwhile, Cook announced that iOS 12.1 will be released on October 30, which supports group calls, new emoji, eSIM on iPad Pro and, in general, carries new gestures for iPads.


From 799 dollars for the 11-inch version and from 999 dollars for the 12.9-inch.

Very cool TV commercial for iPad Pro. Feels like they worked on it.

About the camera behind, however, they say nothing – judging by her appearance, she is the same as the iPhone XR. Single

In general, Photoshop for iPad will be released incomprehensibly when – “soon,” that is, in 2019.

And here’s a special thing for the iPad Pro (still there) – double tapping with the finger on the stylus changes the scale from maximum zoom to minimum. Convenient when you need to quickly switch.

157 layers, a 3 GB file, a resolution of 12,000 by 12,000 pixels – and zooming with redrawing occurs instantly.

And yes, Adobe is showing Photoshop for iPad. It is not clear that there was such a special prepared specially for the iPad Pro (perhaps nothing), but they claim that it is a “real photoshop”.

True, it’s not very convenient to hold a giant ipad like this, and the girl’s hand with the stylus is trembling noticeably.

Well, by the way, it looks good. Not like the same 2K19 on consoles, of course, but with dignity.

That is, you understand: Apple never went in the direction of game consoles, and now with the concept of the iPad as a home device, it pretends that it can compete with them. Hmm.

The vice-president of 2K Games once again says, apparently, one of the mantras of the new iPad Pro – it competes with today’s consoles. Interesting positioning.

Now the publisher of 2K Games is showing the NBA 2K basketball game made specifically for the iPad Pro.

Well, finally, again, show basketball.

Send announcements of major software manufacturers: in AutoDesk you can not only watch, but also edit files.

Charging at 18 watts! Well, in addition to everything else.

Finally, you can think about how to charge your iPhone: using iPad Pro or Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

The external keyboard stand now has two positions with a different inclination of the screen.

Another important change is that the Apple Pencil’s stylus now magnetizes to the edge of the screen and charges without wires.

This is such an important announcement, and they told about it in 10 seconds! Here are bastards.

Still USB-C, not Lightning

Explain that you can connect accessories and high-resolution screens, and at the same time. And you can also recharge the iPhone on the wire from the iPad Pro!

They are joking: they compared the power of the iPad Pro with the Xbox One S (but not the Xbox One X) – they say it is just as powerful, but 10 times thinner and there is no need for a wire to work.

Apple claims the iPad Pro is faster than 92% of today’s (sold over the last year) laptops.

Inside is the new A12X Bionic processor. It is also 7-nanometer, like the A12 Bionic, but it is more – it has 10 billion transistors, a 7-core graphics processing chip and an 8-core CPU.

Of course, the absence of the “Home” button means the appearance of gestures, like on the iPhone X – meet the bar at the bottom of the screen.

They say that Face ID works even better than in iPhones. The whole system is located next to the front camera.

Aypad became 12% thinner and 25% smaller in volume, but I think it will be different in the hand due to the lack of beveled edges.

They managed to fit an 11-inch screen in dimensions that previously only fit 10.5 inches.

It looks like only three buttons – two volume swings from the end and an on / off button on top.

It seems to me, or I see a USB-C port?

The new iPad Pro – without the button “Home” and beveled edges

The comparison is really strange.

Praising – for 2017 they sold more iPads around the world than all other notebook manufacturers sold laptops. A strange comparison, but Cook believes that it proves that the iPad is the most popular computer. Maybe even with iPhones to compare, eh?

Now about the iPad

Sold 400 million units.

Cook jokes about the volume of applause: “I’m moving to New York!”

70 thousand employees of Apple stores around the world. To go nuts.

Oh, shit, and I did not notice the arrows. It’s terrible!

Apparently, really love.

n general, Arendts just announced that, in addition to the ongoing seminars on video, photo and design, they added new sessions to which they can sign up at any official Apple Store around the world.

Well, Arendts, of course, is very fashionable. For nothing, she headed Burberry before switching to Apple.

We argue in the editorial office why such applause is distributed to each statement by Arendts. It is completely incomprehensible – she talks about seminars, which have been held for a very long time, there is no news. It seems that they simply love her very much – Arendts is responsible for the entire retail at Apple.

On the stage, Angela Arendts – talks about Today at Apple, training seminars in Apple stores.

In Russia – from 68,990 rubles.

The starting model — a 128 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM, and a 4-core processor — cost from $ 799.

Oh my God. Mac mini can be combined into farms.

But, in short, thanks, Apple, for not forgetting!

I have not seen in my life a single person who bought Mac mini.

So, so far I found out the prices and heard only that Mac mini got 4- and 6-core processors, and also 32 and 64 GB of RAM.

In the West, too, they were not very happy.

Wow, they continue there! Update Mac mini computers. About them, it seemed, everyone had already forgotten!

Hmm, something expensive. In Russia, it will cost 104,990 rubles, and is also on sale from November 7.

Start of sales – November 7th. Preorders – from October 30.

Price – 1200 dollars.

Beautiful video about recycling aluminum and other features of the new MacBook Air. True, it is now clear that the apple does not burn here either.

I didn’t quite understand about the new trackpad – they say that now you can click anywhere there, but it seems like it was before?

The new MacBook Air is made entirely from recycled aluminum (not new). The room on this phrase exploded with prolonged applause.

It weighs only 1.2 kg – 100 grams lighter than the previous generation.

17% less in volume than the previous generation Air.

Opening hours – up to 12 hours in the browser, up to 13 hours of video viewing.

The processor is an eight-core Intel i5. SSD supports up to 1.5 TB of space. RAM – up to 16 GB.

The speakers are 25% louder, support stereo. Microphones are now three.

The keyboard was also updated to the third generation and the butterfly system — something for which new MacBooks are often criticized for some reason. Well, the trackpad was updated too.

I see that in my feed, users already call the novelty “my next MacBook”. A question in the price.

And yes, after all, Touch ID – to unlock, Apple Pay or access to applications.

True, the framework is not the same thickness now – it is a nightmare for a perfectionist.

The frames are smaller and now black, not aluminum. The diagonal is 13.3 inches. The resolution is four times more than the previous generation. This is retina, baby.

People seem to be waiting for the new Air.

In short, it has two USB-C ports, a Retina screen, and it looks like a separate button for Touch ID.

New MacBook Air

Of course, he will have a Retina screen.

Cook: “It’s time for a new MacBook Air.”


Still, the conversation today will be about the MacBook Air, hurray! Cook recalls that Steve Jobs introduced it, taking it out of the envelope – and now users use this simple (and the cheapest in the Apple lineup) laptop for completely different purposes.

The senior editor of The Verge, Dieter Bon, meanwhile still expects to see something new from the MacBook world today – the absence of any leaks does not bother him, and he is confident that Apple will show the new version of the MacBook Air.

In his column, Bon talks about the fact that for many years, Air was the best laptop to buy for a huge number of people, but recently it has lost this golden status. Apple, by and large, missed the opportunity to catch up with this lag by presenting a MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar a couple of years ago, which rather discouraged people from its laptops.

In general, if the company presents the updated MacBook Air today, I would very much like it not to screw it up and give users something that everyone wants – something cool, not dull. My opinion: the prerequisites that Apple is something surprising, no.

Today we are in the classics and, most likely, without great revelations. Everyone already knows that the new iPad will be presented with almost no frames and Face ID face recognition system – even traces of it were found in one of the new iOS versions.

Guilherme Rambo, one of those who like to delve into the insides of Apple systems for the sake of insiders for 9to5mac, claims that, apart from the iPad, they will not really show anything – everything was postponed to the next WWDC. So I got a little bored here.

I see on the red carpet of Pocras Lampas and Lena Shadlin. Not bad! So today there will be a lot to talk about artists and art.

That journalist Wired notes that technology companies are often not enough to organize events in New York. I suspect that Apple this time has changed itself for the sake of a fashionable party, which is all in New York, and it is better to present regular product updates and all sorts of new products for developers closer to Silicon Valley.

I understand that one of the main “nails” of the event will be “full-fledged” Photoshop for iPad, which users have been waiting for, perhaps, since the first iPad appeared and that Adobe could not resist and showed two weeks ago at its own conference. But still I do not believe that it will be full, the same as on the desktop.

Hello! Journalists have fun while considering the various Apple logos. That is, they do the same thing that we are broadcasting, but in New York.

Micro reader in the comments writes that his ipad last included two years ago. But I do not get tired of telling me that I just sit at home, that behind an ipad.

It’s easy to wear around the apartment if you want to watch YouTube watching a meal in the kitchen or something to look through while sitting on the sofa. It can be placed next to the computer, highlighting under Slack or other instant messengers. Sometimes I even make pictures of other devices on him, when there is nothing at hand. But since I’m not an artist, I didn’t teach myself to draw on an iPad using the Apple Pencil.

It is interesting that today they will show something that will help designers and artists.

The presentation will begin in a couple of minutes. Link for those who forgot how to look (you need Safari on macOS or iOS and Microsoft Edge on Windows):

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