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Kanye West announced his retirement from politics after a friendship with Trump. In social networks believe that the rapper is very late

Twitter can not forgive the artist of his statements.

Musician and designer Kanye West in a series of tweets told about the cessation of political activity, because “he was used.” He made such a statement less than a month after meeting with Donald Trump in the White House.

“My eyes are now wide open. I now understand that I was used to spread messages that I did not believe in. I will withdraw from politics and focus on being creative. ”

Nevertheless, West confirmed that he supported the prison reform, which he and his wife Kim Kardashian had discussed at various times with Trump. The musician recalled this against the background of the campaign before the midterm elections in the United States, which will take place on November 6th.

West, among other things, said that he had nothing to do with the Blexit movement, which calls for African Americans to leave the Democratic Party for the Republican party. Earlier, the media reported on the participation of Kanye in the design of T-shirts for the campaign.

The musician openly supports Trump, including expressing his support in social networks. At a meeting in the White House, West made a monologue, where, for example, he compared the cap of Make America Great Again (“Let’s make America great again”) with Superman’s raincoat: “When I wear a cap, I’m like Superman. This is my favorite superhero. You gave me a Superman coat. ” Before the release of the album, West told on the radio that black slavery was their choice, but then apologized for his words.

In social networks, many have reproached West that he is trying to justify himself for spreading “malicious” political statements. Some saw in the messages of the musician a reaction to the loss of money due to the support of Trump.

“Kanye West, when he realized the shit he had spoken”

“Blues performer from the US Kane West left politics to spend more time with voices in his head”

“Too late. You told me who you are, and I believe you. ”

“This is not enough. You can’t just step back [from politics] and hope that everything you said and did became normal. ”

“This is an incredibly privileged position. And did not apologize for what he did. But I hope that it is sincere and that someone has finally worked on him. ”

“#Yexit? Not. No #Blexit for you in terms of distancing from Trump simply because you lose money. You openly insulted blacks. You believed every word and fraternized with nationalists, neo-Nazis and racists. Stop pretending, deal with your shame like a man. Take a little courage from the cap “Let’s make America great again” that you love so much. ”

“Translation: I screwed up, and the people I support don’t care about me”

“How many days will pass before he explains that he had in mind the exact opposite of what he said”

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