iTunes needs a good helper. There is a worthy candidate iSkysoft Toolbox

Apple media processor has long been in need of recycling. It’s not even about the overloaded interface, but about the meager set of program features. The banal creation of backup and its further recovery today is able to make any application of the appropriate orientation.

Often there is a need to look into the backup itself, extract certain data from it, restore deleted information. Without third-party software for this you can not get along.

There is iTunes, why do I need another application?

This utility not only saves and restores backups, but also allows you to “dig” in already created backups.

For example, if a phone was stolen, but a backup was saved on the computer or in the cloud, iSkysoft Toolbox will easily retrieve any information from it. You do not need to have on hand another iPhone or iPad for data recovery.

Simply specify where to restore the information (local copy or cloud) and choose what exactly we want to receive. The utility can pull out the phone book, call history, correspondence, notes, calendar events, reminders, photos, videos and documents.

Toolbox will find in the backup data from instant messengers and photos from any third-party applications, and not just from the iPhone gallery.

Does it work only with backups?

The program works as a full-fledged software for data recovery. If you have an iPhone or iPad connected, you can try to recover even deleted contacts, erased messages or photos that were previously stored on the device.

There is no 100% recovery guarantee, data will be found if it has not been overwritten by other files.

Since the program can recover deleted files, it should be able to efficiently erase files. Even with a fully dropped iPhone, the future owner can retrieve your photos or personal notes.

Before selling the gadget, it is enough to carry out a complete cleaning procedure and no further data can be restored.

Do iPhones accidentally repair?

Mends! If the iPhone freezes during the download phase, it gives out a black “screen of death” or falls into a cyclic reboot, iTunes will only offer to restore the device from the last backup.

In the Toolbox there are special algorithms for cleaning the cache and service files that can interfere with the normal operation of the device. It is enough to connect the problem device to the computer, start the appropriate mode and the utility will try to bring the iPhone to life without restoring from the backup.

What else is interesting?

Today, the problem of cross-platform transfer of instant messengers is very relevant. Popular Viber and WhatsApp applications do not allow deploying backup correspondence from an Android smartphone to an iPhone and vice versa.

iSkysoft Toolbox can transfer and convert backup copies of instant messengers. In a couple of clicks, backup of all correspondence, contacts and attachments will be transferred from the Android smartphone to the new iPhone, or in the opposite direction.

The simplicity and clarity of this process can be the envy of most similar utilities. Just connect a pair of smartphones to a computer, indicate the source and start the transfer process.

The integrated solution iSkysoft Toolbox with all the above features can be purchased on the developer’s site for $ 159.95 .

The authors of the application have provided the possibility of buying individual modules instead of a full application, for example, a system recovery utility or a program to restore data from a backup.

The software is available for macOS or Windows and works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models on any firmware version. There is a free trial .

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