Included with the iPad Pro 2018 is a new powerful charging. It is perfect for iPhone Xs.

Every second on the site of the online store Apple is becoming more interesting. In particular, when it comes to accessories for new devices.

Beat the rumors about a brand new USB-C charging for iPhone? Then even the CAD drawings were laid out .

In fact, in part, these rumors turned out to be true. Apple has really released a brand new USB-C charging, but for the iPad Pro 2018.

She comes with him in the kit. And its power was 18 watts. True, it is not sold separately yet.

But the owners of new iPhones and iPad Pro 2018 are very lucky. First, you can charge your smartphone from the tablet. Secondly, the smartphone can also be charged using 18-watt charging. Only need to purchase will be another cable USB-C-Lightning. It costs 1 790 rubles.

Perhaps this is the most powerful charge from Apple (not counting adapters for the MacBook). We hope that it will soon be sold separately. And that sooner or later it will be bundled with new iPhones.

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