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In VKontakte there were notifications about deleting comments. Users accused the administration of “cleaning”

According to social network employees, this is a new technical message that appears when a user or a community deletes a comment.

At the end of October, VKontakte users noticed that a notice began to appear in the comments: “The comment was deleted.” The author of the message is a verified profile of the administration of the social network, designed for personal alerts.

In some cases, community administrators wrote in response to a notification that they themselves deleted a comment. But the authors of other publics themselves did not understand what was happening. Because of this, some users decided that the messages were deleted by a social network employee, and accused VKontakte of censorship.

Representatives of VKontakte told  that the note about deleting a comment is a technical notification, which became part of the update of the comment service. On some platforms, the alert text is different: “The comment has been deleted by the user.”

Such comments are part of the update. It appears in all cases when a comment is deleted, to which there has already been an answer. It doesn’t matter who deleted – the author of the comment, the community administrator or the owner of the profile on whose wall a comment appeared.

It is no secret that we have moderators – they can delete comments or any other content that violates the rules. For example, spam or propaganda violence. But this is a much rarer case. Almost always the box says that the comment was deleted by the author or the administrator of the community.

VKontakte press service

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