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In the UK, will impose a tax on IT giants

The British government has found a way to replenish the treasury with the help of large technology companies. For them, they invented a tax, payments on which amount to 2% of the profit received in the country. Pay taxes will be only the largest players, whose earnings exceed $ 640 million per year (talking about income in general, and not only in the UK).

The existing laws are not so effective, since they take into account the income of international companies, which they receive in the UK. The new tax, according to the government, will improve competition by reducing the burden on small companies and giving start-ups a better chance of survival.

Industry representatives are not so optimistic about the new tax. According to the representative of techUK, $ 640 million is too small a sum, small and growing enterprises may be hit, and the UK will lose its status as an attractive country for IT business.

The tax, if nothing changes, will be introduced in the spring of 2020.

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