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In Perm, died NONONONO Cat – cat-meme named Marquis

Cpi calmly.

Cat Marquis. Frame from the original video

The owner of the cat Marquis from Perm, Andrei, informed the local edition of the death of the pet, the video with which turned into a meme. He died at the end of June, but journalists only learned about it on October 30.

Under the original video, which by this time gained 12 million views, the hosts indicated the causes of Marquis’s death and advised them to check their animals more often with doctors.

Marquis lived a decent cat life. Two months to 16 years remained: he was very thin, although he ate more than usual. He began to refuse the kidneys and liver, he ceased to control the “toilet”. Examination of the doctors brought a strong intoxication of the blood. Convulsions and convulsions began, refused to eat and drink. Dropper helped for a while, he became ill.

The doctors said that such a cure is impossible, it was only possible to extend it with medicines, but in the end he would have suffered more. After a strong attack, they decided not to torment him and put him to sleep. The parting with the cat was very difficult, as he was a favorite member of the family.

home of Marquise or NONONONO Cat

Marquis appeared in the family of a resident of Perm Andrei in 2002, on the 10th anniversary of his son. Around 2003-2004, Permyak shot the same video: his friend came to visit with his four-year-old daughter, to which the cat reacted so vividly. “I have three versions. Perhaps the cat felt something otherworldly and supernatural. The second version seems to me more plausible: the cat just saw such a small child for the first time in his life. The third version: maybe the girl looked like someone who offended him, ”the cat owner remembered.

Original video from NONONONO Cat

In the family circle, they often watched videos with a cat, but only in September 2011 they decided to post on YouTube. The video, called “NONONONO Cat”, was distributed on social networks in just a few days, and also got into the world’s major media and television – from the USA to Japan. On YouTube and Reddit, they repeatedly beat the video with the Marquis. According to Google Trends, the peak of popularity of NONONONO Cat was in October-November 2011.

While the family of Andrew did not start a new pet. Permians want to find a cat similar to the Marquis, and have already spent searching for more than three months.

Initially, the material stated that the cat Marquis was born in 2000, and its owner shot a video in 2001. This is incorrect information

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