FT: Foxconn illegally hires Chinese students to build iPhone X

The company makes students work 11 hours a day.

Foxconn’s only iPhone X collector illegally hires schoolchildren in China to speed up the assembly of smartphones. Pupils aged 17 to 19 years old work 11 hours a day. About this edition of the Financial Times told six schoolchildren who worked in the enterprise.

According to the students, they had to work at the Foxconn factory for three months as a condition for graduation, although the work had no relation to studies. One of the students said that he collected about 1.2 thousand cameras of the iPhone X per day. The students were not officially employed and received their money “in an envelope”.

Apple and Foxconn said they checked student overtime and took corrective measures. What exactly is not specified. In both companies, they were assured that the students were “not forced” to work beyond the limits allowed by law. “We confirm that the students worked voluntarily, received compensation and other payments, but they were not allowed to work overtime,” noted Apple.

At Foxconn, FT explained that the company does constantly organize internships and attracts students to build smartphones. However, overtime violates the manufacturer’s internal policy, which prohibits employees from working more than 40 hours a week.

On November 14, it became known that Foxconn’s profit collapsed by 40% over the year due to problems with the assembly of the iPhone X. A manufacturer may assemble more smartphones than it does now, but there are no details for them.

According to The Verge, Foxconn currently employs about 300,000 people who assemble the iPhone X. Three thousand of them are students of the Shenzhou City Railway School.

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