First impressions of the iPad Pro 2018

Journalists from around the world have already become acquainted with the new iPad Pro 2018. And they are in a hurry to share their first impressions of the novelty.

Collected the most interesting.

1. MacStories

The new iPad Pro introduces us to a new era of iPad design and functionality. This is a truly portable computer that can be used both on the couch and on the table: with wireless accessories and USB gadgets.

A computer where you can run games, note-taking applications, Photoshop, AR, and more.

It seems that Apple took the best aspects of the iPhone X and used them to rethink the modern laptop in the form of an iPad.

The new iPad Pro looks really impressive. Reduced size, lighter body and edge-to-edge display. It felt like I was holding the largest iPad in the smallest and most convenient form factor.

I will leave impressions to a full review, but now I can say for sure that Apple managed to make the tablet even easier and more portable. I fell in love with him at first sight.

2. Mashable

My first impression of the new iPad Pro: I WANT. I had no reason to update from the proven iPad Air 2, especially after iOS 12 gave it a new life. But after four years, Apple finally gave me enough reason to buy a new iPad.

I’m not sure that it can even replace a 12-inch MacBook, a MacBook Air, a 13-inch MacBook Pro 2013, or any laptop running Windows 10, such as the excellent Surface Laptop 2, but I’m excited. This is a strong push in the right direction.

Another thing is the price. Which starts at $ 799 for an 11-inch iPad Pro with 64-GB memory. This is a good piece of money and it is even more than previous iPads cost.

Price will be a huge issue for many people who do not need the performance of the iPad Pro. If you’re just using an iPad to browse content on the Internet, scrolling Twitter or watching videos, any cheaper iPad will be enough.

The new iPad Pro is really for professionals or creatives, where there is real value in spending a lot of money on a powerful device.

3. ZDNet

In the hand, both tablets (11 ″ and 12.9 ″) were very balanced, they are not so bulky. The Liquid Retina display is as crisp and sharp as it was on previous iPads.

Face ID on the new iPad Pro works in all orientations. I saw an Apple employee unlock the tablet, turning it on each of the four sides.

The hardware is extremely impressive, it is very powerful, but still tied to the software. Yes, Adobe released “full-featured” Photoshop in 2019, and this is a good start, but iPad Pro users need more . And as quickly as possible.

4. ArsTechnica

The iPad Pro has switched from a proprietary Lightning port to USB-C. Please note that this is not Thunderbolt 3 , as on new Macs; This is USB-C.

Too bad there is no headphone jack. But this is a matter of your preferences.

Apple also improved the Apple Pencil and the smart keyboard. The Apple Pencil now connects to the iPad Pro magnetically, and charges without wires. I noticed that the Pencil is quite reliably “sitting” on the body of the tablet during normal use of the iPad.

This is a great improvement over the old charging method. Previously, you had to connect the Apple Pencil to the Lightning port, and it looked funny.


The Apple Pencil also has some new features. You can double-tap it to switch between the Notes application tools . Third-party developers also have access to this feature.

The keyboard is also slightly different. It feels the same, but definitely not as easy to use as a good laptop keyboard. However, great for portable use .

Using the new iPad Pro for a few minutes, it seemed like an iterative improvement (with great aesthetic changes), but this is a significant update. I’m still not sure that this is a replacement for the MacBook Pro, but I can imagine quite a few niche users who will get a big boost.

5. Engadget

The iPad Pro 2018 is starting to look like a real computer thanks to the flawless design and the new A12X Bionic processor. This design seems a huge step forward.

This is partly achieved thanks to a new screen Liquid Retina, which we have seen in the X the iPhone the R . But he retained the same high resolution as the previous iPad. A ProMotion technology still allows you to use the screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Engadget questions the removal of a 3.5mm audio port. Apple clearly made it clear how cool it was to use their tablets to music professionals, like DJs. But how to use a tablet without an audio jack?

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