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Command & Conquer: Rivals will be released on December 4

Mobile trick Command & Conquer: Rivals, for which Electronic Arts poured a tub of mud, during a presentation at E3, will be released on December 4 this year. This was reported in the press release of the company.

In addition, a beta version of the game is available on Google Play, which favorites can try before they buy. Yes, this real-time strategy promises to be paid.

Electronic Arts is going to turn Command & Conquer: Rivals into cyber discipline for mobile players. At the start, the publisher will roll out tournaments for the community and a championship for professionals.

– After the announcement of Rivals, we heard you: the community wants to see the return of the franchise on the PC,– this is how EA responded at the time when we saw the number of likes and dislikes under the video announcement Rivals. And therefore there is a possibility that the series beloved by many will return to the PC.

As for the mobile game, in it the opposing sides need to control three points on a small map in order to launch a rocket into the enemy base.


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