Chinese students complained about the forced assembly of “smart” hours in exchange for a diploma. Apple launched an investigation

The company got into a similar scandal in November 2017.

Apple has begun an investigation into its suppliers after a complaint by workers’ advocates that one of them illegally hires high school students in China to make an Apple Watch. This was reported by the Financial Times.

The investigation opened after the announcement of the Hong Kong organization for the protection of human rights Sacom. According to her, the Taiwanese supplier of Apple Quanta Computer illegally hired senior students in Chongqing, China.

Sacom claims to be in touch with 28 high school students. They said that the teachers sent them to the factories to practice, but they had to do the same work at the plant as other employees. Periodically, schoolchildren processed or stayed on night shifts, which is prohibited by law.

We were forced to work at night, from 8 pm to 8 am. Only one day a week was a day off.

one of the high school students

According to 11 schoolchildren, the teachers warned that they “would not finish school on time” if they did not complete the practice. Another student stated that “about 120 people” from his school worked in a factory.

According to The Guardian, factories often turn to schools when they need to increase the output of goods, including before the holidays. As Sacom found out, in this case, the work “literally had nothing to do with studies.”

We were at work as robots. We repeated the same thing hundreds and thousands of times every day.

one of the high school students

Apple spokesman Wei Gu (Wei Gu) confirmed to The Guardian that the company has launched an investigation. According to her, Quanta, the new supplier of the company, was tested three times from March to July. Then Apple did not receive information about forcing trainees to work.

A similar scandal arose in November 2017, when the only iPhone X assembler, Foxconn, was accused of illegally hiring schoolchildren to work. Then the students also claimed that they were forced to work for the sake of graduation, although the work was not connected with it. Pupils who were not officially employed were given money in an envelope.

Foxconn replied that the students voluntarily worked in the factory. According to the statement, some of them secretly took extra hours. Foxconn and Apple said they would not allow a repetition of the situation in the future.

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