Chief exoplanet hunter Kepler telescope retires

The respectable Kepler telescope for nine years of work in space has burned all the fuel and is now ready to retire. This is stated in the official announcement of NASA. A tool that has discovered more than 2,600 planets will no longer be able to maintain the necessary orientation for observations.

– “Kepler” has surpassed all our expectations and paved the way for our research and search for life in the solar system and beyond. He not only showed how many planets exist there, but also opened up a new field for research, which the scientific community took by storm. His discoveries have shed light on our place in the Universe, shed light on tantalizing secrets and opportunities among the stars, ”said Tomas Zurbuchen, deputy head of the NASA scientific missions.

The latest analysis of Kepler’s discoveries showed that from 20% to 50% of the stars visible to us have small rocky planets similar in size to the Earth and located in the habitable zone of their stars.

Kepler has been working in space since March 2009. Using the method of transit photometry, he calculated the passage of the planets over the disk of distant stars.

Replacing it in orbit will be the recently launched TESS telescope.

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