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Art: Sculptures based on memes with animals

A straight-faced cat, a windblown dog and a cat-cloud – a Japanese artist is looking for the most bizarre poses for his works.

A Japanese artist, known on Twitter under the nickname @meetissai , makes figures inspired by famous animals on the Internet. He is looking for viral photos of cats, dogs and other animals and recreates their ridiculous poses in sculptures.

Previously, the Japanese made figures from wood, choosing anime and video games as characters. He then moved on to the clay: in 2016 the western press have paidattention to his statuette a mixture of two Pokemon – Pikachu and Machoka. The artist showed in detail all the stages of creating the figurine in his video blog.

In the summer of 2018, meetissai began to make animals, specifically choosing ridiculous photos. His work, like a screaming rabbit and a cat walking on two legs, became viral.

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