Art Night 2018: The Best

Hello! I am the author of the telegrams of the Moscow.Kulturnaya channel . This time I would like to share with you a selection of the best events of the “Art Nights 2018” , which will be held in Moscow from 4 to 5 November.

For those who do not know: “The Night of the Arts” is an all-Russian annual cultural and educational event, combining different types of creativity. From evening to morning, concerts, lectures, film screenings, performances and meetings with leading figures of Russian culture are held throughout Moscow.

1. Excursions in the Ostankino television tower.

The interactive multimedia complex of the Ostankino television tower for the first time takes part in the “Night of the Arts”. There will be guided tours, supplemented by a DJ-set of electronic musician Nik Zavriev.

Registration will begin on October 31 at 12:00: .

2. Marathon of new music and video art in the Moscow Planetarium.

Visitors are awaited by the ambient music and the new visual program of the international studio of interactive media “The Power of Light”. Visitors will see performances by Koyil, Сonnexion, Måla, Marble Bust, Dadaisme and Evgeny Bylina, and the visual part will be presented by the interactive studio “The Power of Light”.

Registration will begin October 31 at 12:00 pm: .

3. Night in the estate “Tsaritsyno”.

The music program will feature a chorus of students with classic Russian and foreign compositions.

In the Bazhenovsky Hall of the Grand Palace will take place the musical and poetic program “Sergey and Isadora” of the Roman Viktyuk Theater. It is based on the play of the same name, which tells the bright story of a great poet and famous dancer.

A night tour of the central palace part of the imperial manor will be held, devoted to the styles of the palace buildings of the Tsaritsyn ensemble.

Free admission.

4. Nightly meetings with Psycho Daily.

A series of 25- / 75 + night meetings with the participation of young artists and recognized masters of Russian culture will be held in the Zvezda cinema.

The program is supervised by the city blog “Psycho Daily” – the source of news about the most relevant entertainment events in the city.


20: 00–20: 40 – Vladimir Martynov and Kirill Richter: composers, neoclassicists, pianists and authors of soundtracks for many films.

21: 00–21: 40 – Alexander Petlyura and Vsevolod Sever: designers and fashion designers.

22: 00–22: 40 – Sergey Soloviev Alexander Gorchilin: one of the most famous and best filmmakers of the old and new school.

I strongly recommend to pay attention to this event.

Registration will begin October 31 at 12:00 pm: .

5. Fashion show at Riga Station.

The program will combine fashion, music and art on one platform. There will be a defile of rising stars of the national fashion – graduate students of the Fashion program of the HSE Design School. Interestingly, non-professional models of different ages will take part in the show.


22: 30–23: 00 – Vintage Marketplace performance dedicated to the idea of ​​”conscious fashion”.

23: 00–00: 00 – Concert of disco-punk band Wet Red – the authors of hurricane live performances and favorites of Moscow dandies.

00: 30–01: 30 – Performance of the Intourist group – a new project by Evgeny Gorbunov, famous for the rock band GSh, the techno duet Interchain and the improvisational ensemble Motors.

01: 30–03: 00 – A DJ-set of members of the Moscow trio Digidon will send the audience on a journey through musical eras – from the 1970s disco to hip-hop.

Registration: .

6. Excursion to the exhibition “Force Majeure” in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

How long does a multimeter wall take? Why is Frank Shepard Fairy accused of plagiarism and for what can an artist get 300 hours of community service?

All this will tell on a tour of the exhibition “Force Majeure.” This is the first in Russia personal exhibition of one of the most influential street artists of our time, Frank Shepard Fairy.

Registration: .

7. Screening of animated films in Solyanka Gallery

The authors of “Hedgehog in the Fog” Yuri Norstein and “The Houses that Jack Built” Andrei Khrzhanovsky, as well as American animator Bill Plympton, directors-surrealists brothers Quay and Oscar owners Adam Elliot and Koji Yamamura present their favorite animation films.

Entry with tickets: .

8. Acoustic experiments in the Museum of Moscow.

Teachers of the DOS School of Current Music will talk about modern musical instruments and finger-drumming, and composers Dmitry Ustinov and Andries Ghandrabur will present an installation of 100 laptops Synthesis orchestra.

Will take several excursions “Culture and history of medieval Moscow” on the exhibition about the history of Moscow.

There will also be a show of the cartoon “Far to the North” – the winner of the audience award at the animated show in Annecy, France.

Free admission.

9. Jim Dine and more at the Multimedia Art Museum.

On this day, the entrance to MAMM will be free, so anyone who has not yet had time to look at a retrospective of one of the creators of pop art, American artist Jim Dine, must make it.

You can also see the exhibition of art duet Masbedo “The Art of Memory” and the recently opened exhibition “Moscow Albums” by conceptualist Viktor Pivovarov.

Free admission.

10. Night tour in the theater “Pyotr Fomenko Workshop”.

This night there will be an excursion to the behind-the-scenes stage of the Workshop. The participants will be shown the internal structure of the theater: a large and small halls, a stage, a warehouse of scenery and acting rooms. Also, guests will see the wardrobe, props and make-up shops.

Registration by phone: +7 (495) 645-33-12.

Thank you for your attention and we are waiting for you on the telegraph channel Moscow. Cultural , there is always the most relevant information about the best cultural events in the capital, as well as regular ticket contests for exhibitions, performances and private events.

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