Apple raises prices in Russia after the presentation of MacBook Air and iPad Pro

Macbooks went up by an average of 10 thousand, and iMac Pro – immediately by 42 thousand rubles.

Macbook Air 2018. ZDNet Photos

After the presentation of Apple on October 30 in Russia, the MacBook, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro and iMac went up in price, according to data on the company’s website. The first to notice this Rozetked and Apple Insider . This is confirmed by data from the Google cache.

On average, the price of Apple products rose by 10-15 thousand rubles. Not only the relatively new devices have risen in price, for example, the past-generation MacBook Air (2014) has risen in price by four thousand rubles. The price of iPad Pro models has increased by about seven thousand.

After Apple Presentation October 30 Before Apple Presentation October 30
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