Apple introduced the next MacBook processor

The basic expectations of the Apple presentation were somehow justified.

Finally, we saw the latest version of the MacBook Air , the previous version of which turned 10 years old: with a frameless Retina-screen and a pair of USB-C.

And what about the new Mac Mini , which are ready to replace a huge desktop computer? With 32 GB of RAM and a 6-core processor – this is a whole workstation!

But it’s time to create something new.

A12X – the most powerful mobile processor

The new A12X Bionic has become the most powerful processor in portable gadgets: its graphics doubles the previous generation of its own A12 chips

The processor includes 2 units: computational and graphic. The first consists of 4 energy efficient and 4 high-performance cores, similar to current Qualcomm developments.

With a pair of additional cores that differentiate the A12X from the A12, the computational performance is close to the  Intel Core i7 . According to the developers, it gives out 5 trillion operations per second!

Unambiguous broadcast its performance on traditional PCs and compare the A12X with x86 / x64 platforms will not work. Nevertheless, the launch of a colossal 3.5-gigabyte file in Photoshop shows a clear superiority over existing platforms.

Try to do it on your laptop – it will hang.

There remains a certain problem with professional software, but now we can say: the iPad is more powerful than even desktop computers. Already at least those that came out earlier than 2016.

New era of mobile graphics

In addition to computing performance, of interest is the new video core, more precisely, a cluster of 7 graphics cores.

2 times more productive than Xbox One S ! Naturally, this is the best option for augmented reality.

Test versions of various applications that were launched during the presentation, can not but surprise.

First, the smoothness of engineering applications and platformers is clearly very good. It can be said unreachable for ordinary tablets.


But  NBA 2K is  simply unrealistic for portable devices. Even for gaming laptops such a picture is very difficult today. Apparently, the Neural Engine system that helps to solve graphical tasks participates in the work of the new iPad Pro.

Let me remind you that it was with the help of additional machine learning pipelines that Nvidia created a fundamentally new technology of ray tracing in a hardware and software implementation.

What else? Why all this?


Apparently, the processor also received an integrated USB-C controller with pass-through charging and high energy efficiency.

Why such a tablet before the right software came out?

Most likely, A12X Bionics will become the basis for transition processors, which will replace Intel processors in Apple laptop computers.

We waited a long time for Apple to return to its own processors in personal computers and laptops. Now this transition has become possible.

Power allows.

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