Apple introduced the new Mac mini. We waited for a cool update.

Only four years of waiting took the fans of the most compact Apple computer to ensure that the company introduced the updated Mac mini.

Apple has repeatedly stressed that the nettop is very important for the entire ecosystem, and therefore does not plan to stop its further development.

But with the release all the time something did not go well. And now, four years and 14 days later Apple announced the eighth generation of Mac mini.

Well, we understand what makes the new product interesting and what has changed in the new Mac mini.

What is the new Mac mini

Well, the design has remained almost the same. No futurism and a bit of crazy fantasy enthusiast designers. Apple decided not to change the classics, so the only way the new Mac mini looks different from a computer released four years ago is color.

Mac mini will be available in Space Gray – to match the iMac Pro and the updated MacBook Pro.

But the novelty received support from the 4-core and up to the 8-generation 6-core Intel Core processor. According to Apple, Mac mini has become 5 times faster .

The new processor has replaced the outdated Intel Core i5 4th generation with two cores.

Now Mac mini supports up to 64 GB of RAM , against 16 of its predecessor. Of course, the memory speed also increased, reaching 2666 MHz per bar.

SSD speed increased four times . Now top Mac mini comes with a 2-terabyte SSD-drive.

However, Apple decided to completely move away from the HDD. Even the basic Mac mini is equipped with a 128-gigabyte SSD. New Apple products have no place for hard drives.

Like iMac Pro and MacBook Pro , Mac mini got a T2 chip, which allowed the new product to encode video 30 times faster. In parallel, the chip is responsible for improving the security of the computer and somewhat offloads the CPU when processing audio and multimedia.

Revised engineers and interior devices. Mac mini uses a new component cooling system.

Mac mini has the following ports:

– 4th generation Thunderbolt 
– 1 HDMI 
– 2 USB-A 
– Ethernet 
– 3.5 audio

The basic version of the model will cost $ 799 (about 53,300 rubles).

For this money, the buyer will receive 8 GB of RAM, an Intel Core i3 3.6 GHz processor and a SSD with 128 GB of memory.

In the top-end configuration Mac mini can be:

– up to 64 GB of RAM at a frequency of 2666 MHz 
– Intel Core i7 processor (8 generation) with a frequency of 3.2 GHz (TurboBoost up to 4.6 GHz) 
– up to 2 TB of memory 
– 10 Gbit Ethernet cards

Sales of the compact computer will start on November 7th .

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