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Apple has blocked the broadcast of the presentation on the YouTube-channel Wylsacom due to copyright infringement

The reason for the blockage could be a speech by Lana Del Rey at the end of the presentation.

Screenshot broadcast Apple presentation on the YouTube channel Wylsacom

Apple blocked the broadcast of its presentation, which was led by blogger Valentine Petukhov (Wylsacom) on the YouTube channel. As a reason for blocking, the company indicated “copyright infringement” without clarification.

Due to video blocking, the blogger had to sum up the presentation on the WylsaLive backup channel. Petukhov suggested that the reason was the speech of Lana Del Rey at the end of the presentation, which is protected by copyright.

Apple blocked us the broadcast. She blocked the broadcast in general to all, because everyone fell under the same comb. Apparently, such a strange logic. Perhaps, just because of Lana our Del Rey. Because we have no rights to use her sweet voice. On the one hand, it hurts, it is impossible to do so, not a single self-respecting company is engaged in such crap. On the other … [the blogger was distracted by links in social networks].

Valentin Petukhov
video blogger

Petukhov explained that Apple blocked the broadcast “to everyone at all”, but did not name the names of other video bloggers. The authors of the YouTube-channel conducted the broadcast to the end and did not get a block, but they drowned the stream immediately after the start of the performance of Lana Del Rey.

In the same way he entered blogger channel Diamagnetic – and also avoid locking for copyright infringement. Perhaps the reason was not the performance of the singer, but something else: for example, the songs did not drown in the broadcast of “M.

In addition, Wylsacom has already encountered blockages due to copyright during its broadcasts and since then has begun to turn down the volume on the moments that can cause violation. And in 2016, during the presentation of Apple in September, the singer Sia spoke, but the bloggers did not encounter problems.

A possible reason for blocking could be the ” Terms of Use ” materials from the Apple site. It states that all content on the company’s website is protected by copyright, including broadcasts of events that are posted only on the Apple website. According to the document, it is forbidden to copy or distribute for commercial purposes any content of the site without the “prior express written consent of Apple”.

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