After all, someone buys it. The photo showed strange clothes

Fashion trends are constantly changing: it is growing in popularity with short T-shirts and high boots, then people are suddenly bought with overalls and strange shoes. However, in each period of time you can find a pearl (and often there are many) – items of clothing that have appeared either because of a joke, or because of the designer’s wild and not always healthy fantasy.

Resource Boredpanda has updated a selection of samples of such clothing, and sometimes bewilderment simply knows no boundaries: “Does anyone buy this?” Apparently, yes, because not only exhibition samples but also those that found their owner were taken on the photos.

Well, this is a classic sports genre. You can collect a separate collection
Brand Fendi has released a female scarf, which for some reason caused increased attention to itself
With the color scheme it is better to still play. Although unlikely to help
The best option for spring when out of the snow … snowdrops
What’s wrong with that?
This photo was probably seen by many. And what, it from it becomes less funny?
Below in the collection there are pants to match this shirt
Many designers still have to go through a course of psychotherapy
Say hello to cancer?
Pandas hugging on a children’s t-shirt
Properly worn, it would look better.
No comments. But funny
You can cover up the tracks
Those are the jeans to the shirt above
In these you will seem slimmer
Expensive for marriage. And this is not a marriage?
Again, she goes with her pants down the street?
“I’m not like others!”
Now not only Victoria has a secret.
Remember the mesh shirts?
“Let’s sleep in a watermelon!” In fact, we have to sleep in Olivier
Flesh-colored boots …
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