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A fan account of Red Dead Redemption 2 found the “Spent” meme in the official translation of the game. Gamers called it a fake

It seems that references to pirated versions of GTA from the creators of GTA are still not in the game.

On October 31, a fan twitter account dedicated to the Red Dead Redemption 2 game began sending information about Easter eggs in the official localization to Russian-speaking players. According to the authors of the profile, if you lose a large amount of poker or dice, then instead of the “international” lettering “Fail” you will see “Spent”.

Messages about Easter eggs were received by users who wrote about RDR 2 on Twitter. According to the fan community, the phrase “was found and verified” by a certain Dmitry Gromov.

“Spent” – a phrase-meme from the game GTA: San Andreas. She appeared at the death of the hero in a pirated version with a machine translation from English – in the original was the word “Wasted”. Other “clumsy” phrases from the game have also become memes: for example: “Cool fucking, carbon fiber” (“She’s with me, cabron. So chill the fuck out”).

Both GTA and Red Dead Redemption 2 were made by one studio, Rockstar, so some users believed the fan community. However, other gamers have tried to lose a large amount of money in poker and noted that “Easter eggs” does not appear. A check showed that if you lost all-in (about six dollars at a four-cent rate), no inscription appeared in the game at all.

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