5519 rubles for the iPad Pro! There are unofficial prices for new Apple in Belarus

Yesterday, Apple held a large presentation, which showed the new generation of Macbook Air, Mac mini and iPad Pro. All devices received major changes. Soon they will get to the shops, but for now you can look at the unofficial Belarusian prices and take a hard breath.

iPad Pro is presented in two diagonals: 11 and 12.9 inches. A smaller tablet with a 64 GB module and no LTE will cost 2619 rubles. The 256 GB version is 2759 rubles, and the 512 GB version costs 3339 rubles. Top performance with SSD at 1 TB is estimated at 4499 rubles. Versions with LTE-module are as follows: 64 GB for 3099, 256 GB for 3259, 512 GB for 3779 and 1 TB for 4939 rubles.

The model is larger (12.9 inches), versions with Wi-Fi only: 2899 rubles (64 GB), 3339 rubles (256 GB), 3919 rubles (512 GB) and 5079 rubles (1 TB). But these are trifles. Here are the prices for models with LTE: 3339 rubles (64 GB), 3779 rubles (256 GB), 4359 rubles (512 GB) and 5519 rubles (1 TB).

Mac mini in the basic version with a quad Core i3 and 128 GB SSD costs 2309 rubles, and the model is more powerful with Core i5 (six cores) and SSD with 256 GB is estimated at 3149 rubles.

Go to the Macbook Air. A 128 GB version with a Core i5 costs 3,729 rubles, a 256 GB modification – 4,099 rubles.

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