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YouTube and “VKontakte” at the request of Roskomnadzor blocked fan clip Oksimiron “Last Call” in Russia

Activist Chudnovets complained to the track after the massacre in Kerch. Video banned for promoting violence.

Oxymiron at BM Fest. Photos from the rapper community on VKontakte

YouTube and VKontakte blocked an unofficial video for the song “The Last Call” of Oksimiron for Russian users. The song tells about a classmate who is shooting at school, and the video is made up from the frames of the film “Class.” According to the press service of “VKontakte”, the video and its copies are blocked at the request of Roskomnadzor due to the propaganda of violence. The song itself is not prohibited.

On October 29, the blocking of “Last Call” on YouTube was noticed in the “Selfie” community on VKontakte. The song has no official video, so the ban touched several fan clips: one , two , three . Copies of the video can still be found in VKontakte. If you open a YouTube clip from the territory of Russia, then a stub will appear instead: “Content is blocked in your country’s domain at the request of government agencies”. If you enable VPN, the “Last Call” opens without warning.

Screenshot of the clip “Last Call” on YouTube from Russia

The clips are made on the basis of frames from the Estonian film “Class”, which is inspired by the tragedy in the American school “Columbine”. The picture is not officially banned in Russia, there is a “VKontakte” and is available on YouTube for paid viewing.

This is not the first locking clips on YouTube at the request of authorities in August 2018 at the request of Minister for Russian users shut down access to the video “Coin” LSP group. The text of “Last Call” tells the nightmare of a teenager who comes to school and kills classmates. It is not known exactly which lines Roskomnadzor considered violating the law.

Balls, ribbons, side-by-side badgers and an excellent student.
Offender groaning in pain – what could be more melodious?
Those who do not lead with lead barricaded themselves in the corridor.
I reloaded, I check the shutter. And shoot at close range.
I’m going to walk around the school.
I’m not a satanist, not a fan of metal, it’s not
like that. Their trunks are scrap metal.
Not crazy, not freak, I haven’t played for a computer for a long time.
So, don’t trust the cops, the people.

the text of the track “Last Call” by rapper Oksimiron

The song “Last Call” got into the news after a massacre at a technical college in Kerch. Public activist Yevgeniya Chudnovets wrote a letter to Roskomnadzor demanding the removal of the unofficial video of Oksimiron. She considered that the song inspired Vladislav Roslyakov to kill teenagers, and may entail repeated “horrible murders of our children.” On October 30, she also demanded to ban rapper Face concert in Yekaterinburg.

I still hope that rapper Oksimiron will delete his song “Last Call” or rewrite it. Since it is in my opinion very dangerous. After all, it outlines a plan for a teenager how to go and massacre children. There is no hint of morality in it, so it needs to be rewritten and add words about the fact that there is always a way out of the situation and that there is no need to commit suicide. If any of you have contact with Oksimiron, please inform. I really want to talk and explain my position.

Evgenia Chudnovets
social activist ( quote on personal Facebook )
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