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The Pentagon will send 5200 soldiers to the border with Mexico

The deployment of additional military contingent is taking place against the background of discontent of people who do not like Trump’s policy towards the caravan of migrants.

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Pentagon officials announced that by the end of the week they would deploy 5,200 soldiers on the border between the United States and Mexico to stop thousands of migrants and refugees moving in a single caravan across Mexico

General Terrence O’Shaughnessy, head of the northern command of the United States and commander of the North American aerospace defense, announced this decision at a press conference, stating that the operation, called “True Patriot”, should tighten the check at the entry points. The troops will be a composition of active duty, reserve and national guard forces and will support the thousands of border patrol agents already deployed in the area. Already, on the border is more than 2,000 troops.

The reinforcements sent to the US-Mexico border are supporting, not combat troops. The Pentagon plans to deploy units of US Army Corps engineers, three combat engineering battalions with heavy equipment (with experience in building temporary traffic barriers and fencing), military planning groups, three medium helicopter companies that can work at night, military police units (MPs) three C-130 cargo aircraft; and medical and logistics units.

Terrence O’Shaughnessy
Head of the United States Northern Command and Aerospace Defense of North America

President Donald Trump made immigration and border security a major issue in the upcoming mid-term elections in November. He repeatedly spoke out against the caravan of migrants, who began his march from Central America. In his tweet, he called it “the invasion of our country”

Many gang members and some very bad people mingle with the caravan heading towards our southern border. Please come back, you will not be admitted to the United States if you do not go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our country and our military are waiting for you!

No, this is a law enforcement operation, in terms of customs and border guards, and we are constantly working with the Ministry of Defense to help ensure the security of our borders. Now there is a dialogue on how best to deal with people who have applications for asylum. Asylum seekers in this group receive protection from Mexican officials and must submit an application before arriving at the US border. Our message to the organizers and participants of this caravan is simple: we will not allow a large group to enter the United States in an unsafe and illegal manner.

Kevin McAlinan
Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection

Makalinan also noted that Central American migrants have already had the opportunity to seek asylum in Mexico, questioning their motives for ignoring these requests and moving to the United States.

President Trump chose, shortly before the midterm elections, the military to continue his anti-immigrant agenda of fear and separation. But this harmful action is nothing more than Trump’s aggression against immigrant families with children who seek our protection. These migrants need water, diapers and basic necessities, not an army unit. 
Sending active armed forces to our southern border is not only a huge waste of taxpayers’ money, but also an unnecessary course of action that will continue to terrorize and militarize our border societies.

Show drake
Policy Advisor for Human Rights Center in El Paso, Texas

The Central American migrant caravan continues northwards, but is still about 1,000 miles from the southern US border. The nearest US border with Mexico is located in the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas, the busiest US site for illegal border crossings.

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